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Cube Trucks

When you have mass material handling needs our cube trucks are the equipment to go with. These trucks are made to hold and transport your heavier items. Every warehouse will need one of these at one point so why not buy one from A Plus Warehouse now and be prepared for the future. These carts are made mostly from plastic for durability and are very affordable. This is the items you need for your bulk delivering and handling jobs. A task will become much more efficient when you use one of these sorts of trucks.

Our Vendors

Most of our cube trucks come from Rubbermaid. This line is always in stock nationwide so there is very quick turnaround on all orders placed, regardless of your location. You can count on us to supply you with product form the best vendors like Toter and Dandux. We have a team at A Plus Warehouse that works to seek out trusted vendors that we know will supply us with the highest quality products. Not only are these vendors trust worthy, but we have been working with them for years, so we can count on them to keep on with their great work.

We offer several different styles and sizes of cube trucks to meet the needs of any size job. One of the bestselling cube trucks would be our economy poly box truck. This item is made in USA and is a quick ship item. You can get a container as tall as 84 inches and for storing as much as 20 bushels. For many of our items we like for them to not only work well, but to look good too. Therefore, we have color options. With this product you can have your bulk carrier come in gray, blue, red, green, yellow, or black.  If you are searching for a truck that is known for its sanitation and you may need it in a hospital or another public facility, try our sanitary bulk handling truck.

About Us

A Plus Warehouse has been selling warehouse equipment and supplies for over 20 years now, and we are always selling new products that customers will want. The staff is well trained and is always ready to help a customer find what they need and navigate our website. If you are searching for material handling than you have come to the right place. We have an endless supply of products so you are sure to find what you need. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice – right now!

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