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3 Things You Need to Know About Warehouse Equipment

July 5, 2019  |  Comments

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Safety, efficiency, and product knowledge are the three most important factors that go along with warehouse equipment information. Safety is the biggest factor in any warehouse, industry, or place of work because no matter how big or how small a threat, safety must be a top priority. Some jobs are in general safer than other which we cannot change, but in those situations having the proper gear and extra safety gear is the way to go. Efficiency creates for a well developed company. Efficiency makes for more work getting done with less effort. When you work more efficiently you are creating more time for other work to be done. Instead of spending a while on one task, with efficiency you can do several more tasks in a shorter time span. Product knowledge is also very important with material handling. Terms that are used to describe warehouse equipment is not everyday vocabulary. For example knowing about metal gauges, material properties, capacities and more.


Safety is the most important part to be aware of in a warehouse. With heavy machinery and moving material, there is risk of injury. Whether the injury is something smaller or large, due to a lack of security or a lack of safety mechanisms, they are all factors that should be eliminated from warehouse work. There are many ways to do this. You can create security by having a ladder guard so that no unauthorized people climb on the ladder who are not supposed to. There is also cages that can go with those tall ladders that protect the user keeping them caged in. Gates are also used for safety, if an area must be closed off a gate will do the trick. At A Plus Warehouse we have an Expandable Gate that can either be stationary or mobile. These gates are helpful because it keeps the people doing the work in their area and prevents unauthorized people from coming in and creating a risk for themselves and others.


Efficiency is what keeps a business running; when there is a task you can do quicker in a shorter amount of time, that is what we call efficiency. Every warehouse should strive to have an efficient system. When talking about efficiency it is usually paired with comfort because worker’s comfort helps create efficiency. If a worker is not comfortable then they cannot be efficiency and because of this a worker should be comfortable. By this I mean workers should not be straining their backs to move items, a conveyor belt is better. If one’s job has them standing all day, they should be standing on an anti fatigue mat rather than hard concrete. The main thing to keep in mind is that a happy and comfortable worker is an efficient worker.

Product Knowledge

Lastly having product knowledge is very important in a warehouse. You will need to know how your machinery works and the different sort of applications that may go with different products. Knowing the different types of material and other characteristics of individual products is important as well. Knowing when to use wood, plastic, metal, steel, aluminum and others is useful when figuring out the needs for your application. When working with metal you will want to know what gauges are and what the higher and lower one means. A higher gauge will be a thinner metal and will haver lower capacity whereas a smaller gauge will be thicker and have higher capacity. When you put together safety, efficiency, and product knowledge you are sure to create a well put together warehouse.

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