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5 New Locker Ideas for Your Employees

May 18, 2017  |  Comments

5 New locker Ideas for your employees

New Locker Ideas for Happier Employees

You think you've seen it all when it comes to employee lockers for sale. But think again -- there’s plenty of fertile ground in this field that's just ripe for innovation. Show your outside-the-box approach to employee storage with new locker ideas from A Plus Warehouse!

Four Tier Wood Lockers for Storage

Color-Coordinated Lockers

We know you're tired of looking at the same old dingy brown and gray lockers for your staff. Well, that's nothing a little color can’t fix! Coordinating your lockers to take on the colorful tones of your room can make them feel like a livelier part of the place, not just a necessary addition.

You can find lockers for sale in vibrant reds, blues, and other hues to bring out the personality and warmth of a room, and you'll enjoy top of the line security, too. Check out locker models by Valumaster, available in a range of colors. Or if you're going for a wooden aesthetic, choose designer wood lockers for a vibrant, natural look.

Keypad Lockers

Safety Lockers Without Keys

Rows upon rows of padlocked lockers -- what could be less inspiring? Well, now you can inject a little enthusiasm into your employees’ lives by offering an exciting locker option that's state of the art -- and even a little fun!

We're talking about keypad lockers by DigiTech. These high tech lockers for sale from A Plus Warehouse have programmable locks that the user inputs for complete custom security. Locks are battery-powered, so no need to remember where you kept your key. Just input the code and presto!

 Cell Phone Lockers

Laptop and Cell Phone Lockers

Technology and the workplace are becoming more entwined, and employees rely on their devices more than ever for work and communication. But when laptops, smartphones, and tablets aren't in use, employees want peace of mind that their devices are safe. 

Enter laptop lockers and cell phone lockers. These specialized lockers are perfectly suited to serve the twenty-first century workforce with sufficient space and multiple security options. Laptop lockers have the added advantage of providing electrical outlets to charge laptops while they are not in use. So convenient!

Of course, you don't have to provide lockers for employees that cater to such specific needs, but you'll find they'll appreciate the gesture!


Many more ideas for lockers are currently shaking up the workforce and offering employees interesting ways to store their belongings. Make sure to take advantage of these ideas to add your facility to the forefront of innovation.

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