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5 Tools Every Warehouse Needs for a Good Day’s Work

September 19, 2016  |  Comments

Five Tools Every Warehouse Needs

Your warehouse is where all the work gets done. However, the warehouse itself shouldn’t get all the credit—after all, it’s just a building. No, we’re talking about the tools in the warehouse that allow you to do the work.

Here are five tools your warehouse needs in order for you to get things done.


1. Conveyor

structural heavy duty roller conveyors with 7 ga rollers

Nothing gets things where they need to go quite like a conveyor. Whatever it is you’re moving, a conveyor saves you time and effort. You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a conveyor for your particular type of warehouse, so get the one that fits your needs best! Roller conveyors are great for flat items like packages, while power belt conveyors move assembly parts with ease. Additionally, an expanding conveyor can find the best fit around your warehouse—perfect for fitting around tight corners and making the most of your space.

2. Lockers

Extra Wide Triple Tier Lockers

Lockers are good not only for keeping work equipment safe but for storing employee belongings, too. They’re a warehouse essential, and a wide range of styles and sizes are available at many different price points. You can find heavy duty stainless steel lockers that work great for wet warehouse conditions, as well as vented lockers for storing heavily used uniforms.

3. Ladder

Heavy Duty Rolling Safety Ladders

Going up? Ladders help you reach those higher levels without straining yourself. Even tasks as simple as changing a lightbulb are made easier with the help of a ladder, but you can find ladders suited for more demanding work as well. Rolling ladders let you reach products located on the highest pallet racks, and roof access ladders offer unhindered access to all levels of your warehouse.

4. Work Bench

High Quality Low Price Work Benches

A work bench offers your employees an individual space to focus on their work. Work benches come in many styles with features that make warehouse work more efficient, including casters, drawers, pegboard, packing hardware, and even protection from electrostatic discharge. Of course, you can always just choose a simple work bench that consists of a platform on four legs.

5. Plastic Storage Bins

Shelf Bin Units

You can never have enough storage—not when you need somewhere to store your small parts. Plastic storage bins store bits, screws, and other small mechanical parts. Some kinds of bins can even stack on top of each other, which saves a ton of space. And with the organization they offer, there’s really no reason not to invest in some storage bins for your warehouse.

Take a look at your warehouse—does it have a conveyor system, lockers, ladder, work bench, and plastic storage bins? If not, now you know you need them. Order what you need today, and look forward to getting a lot more work done.

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