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5 Workspace Problems Only Cabinets Can Solve

November 9, 2016  |  Comments

5 Workspace Problems Only Cabinets Can Solve

Cabinet Solutions to Your Storage Problems

No matter how efficient you think your workspace is, it could always be better. Equipment is left out overnight, or you can never find that drill bit you’re looking for.

We understand your pain. And good thing for you, we also understand how to solve your problems! When you’re looking to improve your workspace, few things will make as big a difference as cabinets will. Today we’d like to share with you 5 common problems that only cabinets can solve.

Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet

5. “All my expensive equipment is getting wet and rusted!”

If you work in wet or semi-wet conditions, rust and condensation buildup is inevitable. Although you and your employees may be okay with a little moisture, your equipment won’t be. Construction tools like electronic drills and sanders as well as heavy duty mechanic’s equipment such as air compressors can be completely ruined if they get too much exposure to moisture.

The Solution: Stainless steel cabinets. Stainless steel is a material that is immune to rust, and is corrosion- and acid-resistant as well. A stainless steel cabinet will protect all of your equipment down to the tiniest bit or screw, saving them from rust—and saving you the headache of replacing them.

12 ga hybrid storage cabinet

4. “I can never find the exact piece I need!”

Ever spent a good part of the work day hunting for that 3/8” shank drill bit? We all know how frustrating it is to not find what you’re looking for right when you need it. You have to stop whatever project you were working on while you search. Wouldn’t it be easier if that drill bit you needed was in the same dedicated space?

The Solution: Bin cabinets. With a bin cabinet, you can have a separate bin for every type of drill bit, screw, nut, bolt—anything! Rows of sturdy pull-out bins let you find and store the small pieces and parts you need, so you never have to hunt them down again.

Military Combination Cabinet

3. “My work uniform always smells!”

When you work hard, you work up a sweat. Over time, your uniform can start to smell. Since you can’t always get them washed at work, your clothes are doomed to smelling like mildew. Or are they…?

The Solution: Ventilated cabinets. Sometimes simple airflow is all you need to extend the use of your uniform until washing day. Vented doors and sides and sturdy all-welded construction make a ventilated cabinet essential wherever uniforms are needed. The best part is you still get additional storage shelves as well, which is perfect for a personal locker to keep your uniform and daily equipment within.

60 in wide electronic access cabinet

2. “People are getting into lockers they aren’t supposed to!”

We all know how it works: someone “borrows” a tool and then never brings it back. Security isn’t as big an issue at every workplace, but it can still be important.

The Solution: Restricted Access Cabinets. You can lock up your “authorized access only” items in a restricted access cabinet. With its electronic lock that supports up to 250 unique users, this cabinet keeps equipment safe so they’ll always be available when needed.

Deluxe Aluminum Horizontal And Vertical Cylinder Cabinets

1. “I don’t feel safe putting dangerous materials here…”

If space is at a premium at your workplace, it isn’t uncommon to store many items together just to save some space. But if you’re dealing with sensitive or dangerous materials, you run the risk of not only contaminating your other equipment but endangering your workplace.

The Solution: Specialty cabinets. If you deal with flammable materials like gasoline, Super Safety Cabinets provide a safe place for them. For gasses stored in cylinders, you need Cylinder Cabinets. Both cabinets save you from having to store possibly dangerous materials with your other equipment.

Cabinets can solve some very specific problems, from protecting and storing your equipment to even protecting your workplace. Now that you know how to solve these 5 problems, get the cabinets you need now!

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