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A Plus Warehouse Anti-Fatigue Matting Offers Increased Slip Resistance, Safety and Employee Comfort in the Workplace

November 18, 2008  |  Comments

Anti-fatigue matting is essential in areas of the workplace where safety is a must, but many employers buy them to ease employee discomfort as well, says A Plus Warehouse, a national material handling dealer.

“Not only do they ease employee discomfort, but anti-fatigue mats with corrugated surfaces will not absorb water, provide traction and minimize slips and falls,” said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. “They should be used wherever workers need to stand for an extended period of time.”

Anti-fatigue mats allow workers to stand at their station and experience much less discomfort, making them more productive and more aware of potentially dangerous issues in their work environment. Cashiers, production line workers, restaurant preparation workers or anyone else who spends long hours on their feet can benefit from anti-fatigue matting. 

“Your employees will feel more comfortable, allowing them to pay attention to producing quality products while keeping a keen eye on safety,” said Stairman. “Many of our anti-fatigue mats also have colored borders, so not only do your employees get the benefit of comfort on the job, but they also have a built in warning device showing that the mat is about to end, and industrial equipment is about to begin.”

A Plus Warehouse provides anti fatigue matting by Wearwell, Notrax, Superior, Crown, Akro and others. Every organization that has workers that stand with any regularity will be very pleased with their purchase of A Plus Warehouse anti-fatigue mats. 

For more information on anti-fatigue matting from A Plus Warehouse, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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