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A Plus Warehouse Industrial Safes

June 1, 2018  |  Comments

Safes at A Plus Warehouse are guaranteed to protect you. Safes save lives! If you are a gun owner with children, you will most certainly need a gun safe. This prevents gun accidents! Pharmacy safes also keep people safe. Prescription drugs can be very dangerous if in the wrong hands! You would not want to leave substances stored without protection. Many people need a safe in day to day life to protect valuables such as a wallet, jewelry, phones, and so on and so forth. Whatever your need, A Plus Warehouse has you covered.

                If you are looking for a convenient on the go gun safe, you can’t  go wrong with the portable handgun safe. It is used primarily to store a hand gun but can also store other small valuables such as a wallet, or cellphone. This safe is travel sized. It can fit in a briefcase, under a seat, and in your luggage. Product includes lock with two key locks. Our drug dispensary safe is meant to lock up controlled substances.  The electronic keypad lock makes it virtually impossible for unwanted people to get access. The digital lock is programmable with an override feature. Product also includes key for manual locking and unlocking. The wall mounted security cabinet is a unique product. It doubles as both a security cabinet and electronic safe. This product easily stores your laptop. Adjustable elastic straps holds laptop securely when safe is closed. Left and right sides of cabinet can hold power cords and allow for charging. Cell phones and cameras can also be stored in the safe.  The product includes an electronic keypad that is run by 4 AA batteries.

wall mounted safe

                All our industrial safes are very high in quality. What are you waiting for? Order a safe from A Plus Warehouse, your right source right now, today.

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