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A Plus Warehouse Introduces New Total Quality Management Program

March 9, 2010  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse, a leading business-to-business distributor of quality industrial equipment, lockers, work benches and cabinets, announced today they have introduced a new Total Quality Management (TQM) program to their company to raise their customer satisfaction rates even higher.

TQM is an approach to the art of management that originated in Japanese industry in the 1950's and has steadily become more popular in the west since the early 1980's. TQM culture requires quality in all aspects of a company’s operations, with an emphasis on things being done right the first time every time, and defects and waste eliminated from operations. The new TQM program at A Plus Warehouse focuses on customer-driven quality, continuous improvement, fast response and employee participation.

Customer-Driven Quality

While customer satisfaction is already the highest priority at A Plus Warehouse, they are promoting this even more with new customer-first guidelines. With the new TQM program A Plus Warehouse will be more sensitive to customer requirements, putting the customer before any internal activities or constraints.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the goal of any TQM and it is no different at A Plus Warehouse. A new focus has been put on the continuous improvement of the company’s processes, which in turn will lead to an improvement in process quality, product quality and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Fast Response

While already the leader in quick shipping of lockers, conveyors and other industrial equipment, A Plus Warehouse’s TQM places emphasis on rapidly responding to customer needs. By eliminating non-value-adding efforts in their processes, A Plus Warehouse hopes to become more efficient and quicker to respond to customer needs.

Employee Participation

From top management all the way down to first day employees, employee participation will support the drive for improved quality. Employees will be encouraged to take more personal responsibility, communicate more openly and effectively, act creatively and innovate in order to achieve quality objectives.

“We are devoted to implementing a new TQM culture into our company to ensure we consistently meet or exceed our customers’ requirements,” said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. “We are confident that adopting this new program will increase customer satisfaction to even higher rates than we currently achieve.”

To learn more about storage cabinets, work benches, lockers or industrial equipment from A Plus Warehouse, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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