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A Plus Warehouse Less Expensive and More Durable Rust Resistant Lockers Now Able to Replace Traditional Steel Lockers Used by the United States Military Said Company President Ed Stairman

January 23, 2007  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse rust-resistant lockers provide safe and convenient storage for vital military supplies needed for operations in the desert and aboard US Navy ships deployed in the Persian Gulf. 

These corrosion resistant lockers are made from Galvanneal, a corrosion-inhibitive carbon steel sheet with a fully alloyed iron-zinc coating that prevents steel from rusting through. 

The process combines zinc atoms with iron atoms in a steel surface at high temperatures. The protective layer of zinc-iron Galvanneal coating provides lifetime guarantees against corrosion and rust.

"These corrosion resistant storage lockers are less expensive and offer more formability, strength, and corrosion protection than the traditional stainless steel lockers used by the Military," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. 

The lockers are designed for safe and convenient storage of not only perishable products but anything needing protection from the elements including medicines, personal effects, chemicals and munitions.

These corrosion resistant lockers are rugged, high quality metal enclosures designed for safe and convenient storage. All hinges, handles, striker plates and hardware are also zinc coated for corrosion resistance.

The A Plus corrosion resistant storage lockers come in double tier, single tier, triple tier and six tier box storage lockers to accommodate all space dimensions. The doors can be opened with one hand and can be shut by simply swinging them closed. The finish is resistant to humidity, salt spray, fog, ultraviolet rays, abrasion and chemicals. 

A Plus Warehouse maintains a large inventory of these corrosion resistant lockers in stock and available for same day shipping. They also maintain a large selection of see-through metal lockers. See-through lockers are being used in jails, schools, factories and other locations requiring additional security by making contents visible without violating privacy. 

A Plus Warehouse sells see through metal storage lockers assembled and unassembled.

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