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A Plus Warehouse Scissor Lifts Save Time and Employee Back Pain

August 5, 2008  |  Comments

The goal of material handling systems is to remove as much personal motion and work from every operation. Scissor lifts from A Plus Warehouse, a leading national material handling dealer, make working more efficient, and more profitable.

"Our scissor lifts allow the product being worked on to maintain the correct height," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Think about how much easier it is to work at shoulder level rather than knee level. The absence of quality scissor lifts such as ours often results in backaches and other medical issues." 

How do A Plus Warehouse scissor lifts work as part of an integrated material handling system? If an employee is constantly taking boxes from the floor to his work area, he is doing much more physical work than necessary. When a scissor lift is loaded by a forklift the boxes are positioned by a foot switch, making it easy to always keep product at shoulder level. 

"With our scissor lifts, a 30 box skid would take almost no time to position two minutes per box to put near the work area and another two minutes per box to lift and move," said Stairman. "This is over two hours of time you can save! Our combination of lifts not only save a lot of time, but remove a big source of back pain too." 

A Plus Warehouse is a national dealer of essential material handling equipment including hydraulic scissor lifts, dock boards, steel shelving, industrial conveyors, bin cabinets, tilt trucks, work benches, metal cabinets, and plastic bins of all types. For more information on ordering, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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