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A Plus Warehouse stocks the heaviest duty storage cabinets produced

October 21, 2008  |  Comments

Storage cabinets are used for finished goods, work in process or raw materials, and are an important part to your integrated material handling system. A Plus Warehouse, a national material handling dealer, can help you find the best storage cabinet for the size of item you wish to store.

“Don’t let yourself get confused by gauges that dealers quote you. Gauge is confusing as a lower gauge is thicker than larger gauges. Because of this, a large gauge metal storage cabinet could be quoted, and you could be convinced that it is better than a low gauge alternative,” said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. “The most important measure of storage cabinets is the weight capacity.” 

A Plus Warehouse makes it easy to find the best storage cabinets for your needs with shelf capacity listed for each storage cabinet on the A Plus Warehouse website for easy reference. If you still need help finding the correct size of storage cabinet, a staff of fully trained material handling equipment experts is ready to field any questions you may have.

A Plus Warehouse only stocks strong, quality storage cabinets from names like Lyons, Penco, Republic, List, Edsal, Valley Craft, Strong Hold, Tennsco and Parent Metal. Storage cabinets come both unassembled and fully assembled for maximum convenience with many shipping points for prompt delivery. 

“Not all storage cabinets are created equal, and we take pride in selling only quality storage cabinets,” said Stairman. “If you are looking for cheap imported storage cabinets, we would not be the best choice.”

For more information on storage cabinets from A Plus Warehouse, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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