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Abby Lee Needs Our Storage Cabinets

August 12, 2015  |  Comments

If only Abby Lee, the star of Dance Moms, had storage cabinets, the competitions would be more organized. The dance company would never have to deal with Dance Mom Christi freaking out about a forgotten costume. Often times when a costume or prop is forgotten, Abby decides to pull the plug on the dance. Indeed, this makes Abby look unprepared and unprofessional. Does she want that reputation? No, she doesn’t. She can prevent it by buying shelving to stay organized.


As we all know, Maddie is considered the best. Her mom would never want her to do something that could injure her, and stop her from winning a competition.  Carrying a giant box filled with either props that will be used or merchandise being sold can injure the dancers. If only Abby Lee had a roller conveyor, she would easily be able to put everything she needs to bring in the car without letting the precious Maddie jeopardize her winning titles.Steel Cabinet BigBlue


A roller conveyor can also carry a load of shoes that are to be sold into a deliver truck. Why waste time carrying these heavy boxes when Abby can be training her dancers to win against the Candy Apples. No one wants the Candy Apples to win.


Maddie- Of course she would love having big industrial shelving because she has too many dance supplies to even use. She needs a place to put all her costumes, props, and shoes. Since Maddie wins everything, she tends to run out of trophy room. Luckily for her, she can just use the big industrial shelving.


Mackenzie- She would love the hand truck because it makes life easier. Imagine Mackenzie, a little girl, trying to move around dance supplies. Why not do things efficiently? Instead of taking more energy, and a longer time to move dance supplies, she can just simply use the handtruck.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if Abby were able to arrange all of this to happen? The Abby Lee Dance Company would be in much better shape overall.


As you can see, this post is all about Dance Moms and our equipment at A plus Warehouse. Watch Dance moms and also don’t forget…


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