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All about Stainless Steel Cabinets

July 27, 2016  |  Comments

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Stainless Steel Cabinets

We sell Stainless Steel Cabinets for industrial and commercial use. Only this product lets you store your food with certainty of no contamination. Many industries like this material because it is corrosive free and built to last. You can never go wrong with choosing stainless steel because it is always very sanitary. We have all the stainless steel cabinets you could even need. Our top of the line cabinet is the Kingcab, it is of great quality! Following is the Valumaster, it has less capacity for a lower price.

Stainless Steel!

The  Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet56 244SS is an excellent product of ours that you should check out. It is rust proof, acid resistance, and very durable which can be great for those food companies that want to store their heavy food supply. Also this product is a very safe material for hospitals and pharmaceuticals to use. This cabinet is an ultra-heavy duty 12 GA. This product has number 3 finishes unlike most others. The shelves are adjustable on 2 inch centers, which is perfect for those food storage jars. We suggested you buy the key less lock for your convenience. It is a simple way to lock up your product. We can sell this to you with a regular top or a slope top. The slope top is great because it ensures that nothing gets stuck up there. It is good to have in a food industry because no one wants rotting food stuck on top of their cabinets.

If you ss storagecabinetwere looking to buy a premium the previous one is great, but if you are searching for something less expensive but still good quality, the Valustar Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets can be a great option for you. This product is still great like the other because of its stainless steel property. Anything stainless steel is always going to be very clean. We can ship this to you ready to use so you can avoid the hassle. This cabinet comes is several sizes so you can choose what will fit your warehouse. It also has 2 inch center shelves that are adjustable.

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Take a glance at all our other cabinets along with the stainless steel ones, and we can promise you, you will find one you love!


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