Redeem Quote Adds New Heavy-Duty Work Benches to Website

August 17, 2010  |  Comments

A Plus Warehouse, a leading business-to-business distributor of locker equipment and quality industrial and materials handling equipment, has added new heavy-duty work benches to its already wide online collection of mobile carts, tables and work bench selections.

"Our newest work benches added to our site are extremely heavy-duty with larger capacities of up to 16,000 pounds and more options for length," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Our 'As Long As You Like It' work benches start with a 4, 5 or 6 foot starter unit, and you can add as many 4, 5 or 6 foot adder sections as you like for a unique bench that is the exact length that you need."

In addition to the "As Long As You Like It" work benches, other new work benches on the A Plus Warehouse website include extra heavy-duty Jamco work benches with an amazing 16,000 pound capacity, and the ValuMaster work benches with wide drawers, which have a 2,000 pound capacity and a drawer with a 150 pound capacity.

"A Plus Warehouse offers some of the best values on work benches, and nearly all of our selections are shipped all welded so they are ready for immediate use," said Stairman.

A Plus Warehouse offers additional work bench components such as stringers, shelves, risers, back and end stops and pegboards. Stringers separate the work bench legs and are included with virtually every order. Risers provide a shallow shelf above the bench (the space under the shelf is great for storing binders). Back and end stops are used to enclose the bench top on three sides with a small ledge. Pegboards are used to hang tools.

A Plus Warehouse's electronics work benches have even more options such as electronic strips, magnifying glasses, balancers, drawers, etc. Their electronics work benches are used in ESD application along with passive element assembly where there are no semiconductor issues.

To learn more about the new heavy-duty work benches added to the A Plus Warehouse website, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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