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Beast Rotabins | The Big Bin for You

July 25, 2017  |  Comments


Super Large Durham Rota Bins


A Plus Warehouse sells rotating merchandise display bins of all different shapes and capacities. Our most common ones are the small parts ones. The small parts rotabins are used to store your smaller items so they do not get lost. This system makes organization easier so you are less likely to misplace your items no matter how big or how small. The whole contraption has individual sections so each part can go in its own area. The rotating allows you to see everything in the bins without needing to physical strain oneself to move the bins.

Our newest addition to our bins collection is the Beast Rotabin. We do not give any ordinary object a powerful sounding name. This big rotating bin has a 2,000 pound capacity per shelf and 10,000 pound capacity overall. Each shelf can hold a numerous number of heavy objects. Each shelf has 10 compartments. For a massive capacity display bin one would think it takes too much pressure to rotate the bin. In fact, to turn this storage bin all it takes is the touch of a finger. beast rotabin

Many people love our new beast bin contraption but we also have a smaller one that is fairly popular. The small rotabin has a 60 pound capacity per shelf. This storage system is excellent for your tiny parts.  People oftentimes store nails, clip, and other small items that can easily be lost. This storage system will save you the time looking for your items. You will no longer have to worry about those nails scattered across the floor if you store them in your very own storage solution.

A Plus Warehouse is your right source when you are looking for bins. We have bins of all different sizes, styles, and capacities. We even have bin storage systems. We only want to sell the best bins to our customers which is why we started selling the rotabin. These can give you a variety of functions.

For more information visit our website at, email us at [email protected] or call 800-209-8798.

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