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Bigblue Crazy Cap Shelving

June 20, 2018  |  Comments

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Are you searching for shelving that can come in funky colors? Look no further than A Plus Warehouse. We have a large supply of funky colored products. With the Bigblue Krazy Cap Shelving we have the basic gray and blue color, but also orange, putty, beige, yellow, green, red, black, and brown. With colors like these your item is sure to stand out. Not only does this product look great for storing, but it can also store heavy objects. The shelf capacity is 1175 pounds. There are not many racks with a shelf capacity quite as massive as this. This item comes with 5 adjustable shelves on two inch centers. With 5 shelves and each being able to hold high capacities, there couldn’t be a greater product. A Plus Warehouse is one of the only places that can sell you an item like this.

A Plus Warehouse is always thinking of creating product that would not be seen elsewhere. Our entire Bigblue line is unique because of its variation of color. Many customers like these unique qualities because it is very different from the usual. Why not buy something from A Plus Warehouse if you cannot get it anywhere else?

bigblue krazy cap shelving

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