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Cantilever Racks | Learn All about Them

April 6, 2015  |  Comments

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Cantilever Racks are an important part of many warehouses.  A Plus Warehouse has been selling quality cantilever racks since day one.

Customers can order their racks pre-configured as shown below or by components - uprights , arms and spreaders.

We are showing  single sided cantilever racks with straight arms - but they are available with inclined arms as well - and also with double sided access.


Why Cantilever Racks ? These items have full access fronts.  Pallet racking has uprights that can get in the way.  Lumber yards use cantilever products to a large extent.  Also customers stocking long round product are cantilever rack candidates as well.  PVC tubes , pipes, bar stock - all these can be stored well on cantilever racks.


A Plus Warehouse understands that ordering any rack can be a daunting task - so just call us at 800-209-8798 for help!

I'd like to leave you with a bit of math..

Customers often worry about how many spreaders and columns to order and what the allowable overhang is.  Here comes the equation... If the number of uprights being used is X - then the total overhand is 1 X times the load length. So - a 20 foot load with 2 uprights can have a 1/2 * 20 ft overhang total = 10 feet - 5 feet on either side. For a 12 foot load with 3 uprights , the calculation is 1/3 *12 = 4 feet of ovberhang = 2 feet of overhand on each side.


Feel free to use our masterful equation - or just drop us a line at 800-209-8798

The world needs to know this information , so PLEASE be e-social and share as you like [ while giving credit to your hard working blogmaster ! ]


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