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Casters Keep Things Rolling In Your Warehouse

January 6, 2014  |  Comments

Any product manufactured that needs to roll requires casters and any rolling item requiring periodic maintenance requires after market casters. Casters are a major part of an integrated material handling system, but are often very underrated. Read on to learn more about these important parts that keep things rolling in your warehouse or materials handling facility.

Consider what items use casters and wheels. Platform trucks are a staple of material handling dealers, and platform trucks and carts move about on casters. Casters generally range in size from 4 inches to 12 inches in diameter and have weight capacities starting at 50 pound capacities straight up to casters working on conveyor tow lines with over 10,000 pound capacities.

Another family of products that uses casters would be warehouse ladders. Warehouse ladders, unlike traditional handyman ladders, have a wheeled base so they can easily be placed anywhere within your facility (because you're most likely doing a lot of moving around if you're in a warehouse - casters are a life saver!).

And what about conveyors? Any company that needs to transport products or work in process from one to another work area uses conveyors on a regular basis. Most conveyors have casters so that they can be rolled to a loading dock or from one loading area to another. Mobile utility carts, platform trucks, miscellaneous cabinets, mobile work stations, and even some racks all use casters too. You'd be surprised at some of these things around your workplace that probably have casters that you never even noticed before!

Casters can easily be maintained if they include zerk fittings. With a zerk fitting, grease can be shot directly through a hollow axle into the bearing or into the ball ring in the caster plate. This makes maintenance of your casters much easier.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Casters

Now that you know everything that a caster can do, you're probably wondering how to order them. Here are a few different questions you need to ask yourself before you order casters for your application: What Durometer do you need for your casters? What are the static and dynamic loading requirements? Do you have any shock loading needs requiring shock absorbers? Do you have NAFTA requirements that make imported casters unusable?

Casters are the workhorse of any industrial warehouse or materials handling facility, so why haven't you ordered any yet. Get going and order some casters today!

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