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Dock Lifts | Created for Ultimate Efficiency

May 21, 2019  |  Comments

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Searching for efficiency? Hoping to find products that will maximize the productivity in you work zone? Look no further than A Plus Warehouse. We supply you with items that add proficiency to your office, warehouse, or industry. We know how time consuming certain tasks are, and we know how important time is in business, so we want you to have the ability to do your work in a timely efficient manner. Not only is efficiency important but so is safety. These products that add efficiency to a work space also add a level of safety. Instead of doing a hard task on one’s own why not turn to a piece of material handling equipment for help.

Dock lifts will add a new level of both safety and efficiency in your work space. A dock lift is great for when there is no dock, or if there is a need for additional lifting height. A dock lift will equalize the different heights between a truck and where the truck items may be going into such as a building. Having odd height differentials will not be good, but this essential product can fix that exact problem. No more straining to move boxes at an uncomfortable height, now you can achieve optimum working height when transporting heavier items.


Our outdoor dock lift is a common item our customers purchase around this time of year. This item works just as it sounds, it’s a dock lift with the purpose of outdoor tasks. Because it is outdoors there are more possibilities for damaging the material, such as rain. Because of this, the base and leg are hot dipped in galvanized steel to minimize potential for future rusting. With an outdoor application these are the parts that are likely to rust, but when galvanized you will no longer have that worry.

A Plus Warehouse has the equipment you need at the highest quality production. With great prices and high quality, this item is high valued. Just like any of our products we take pride in the production and safety. For more information about our line of products give us a call at 800-209-8798.

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