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Dock Plates | Today's Material Handling School Subject

October 17, 2012  |  Comments


Dock Plates can be found on most any receiving and shipping dock.  Dockplates are the ramps used to bridge the gap between the dock and a truck when NON POWERED equipment is being used for loading and unloading.  So, when the driver unloads with a two wheeled hand truck he will be using a dock plate .

dock plate

There are a few things to know about dock plates--

  • Height Differential - This measures the maximum height difference between the dock and truck. This is not a trivial matter - if you order a dock plate with an incorrect differential , it will not safely work
  • Material Used - Steel is more sturday ( marginally ) than Aluminum , but aluminum is lighter.  Make sure to consider the weight of the dock plate when ordering.  Consider using a hand truck to position the dock plate
  • Curbs - Some dock plates employ curbs like are found on thruck dock boards ( used for powered equipment ).  Curbs make dock plates safer , but add cost and weight.
  • Lifting chains and hoops - Dock Plates can be ordered with lifting chains or loops.  This makes moving the equipment much easier.  We suggest customers ordering steel dock plates consider hetting lifting chains - as steel dock plates are too heavy for obe person to lift

dock plate

The Great news.....
Our people are dock plate geniuses!
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