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During 10 Fire Hazardous Days Protect Homes and Schools with A Plus Warehouse Safety Storage Cabinets

December 21, 2006  |  Comments

In just a few days marks the beginning of the worst 10 days for home fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Between December 24 and January 6, children, candles, cooking and Christmas trees are among the top causes of domestic fire emergencies. To reduce risk of increased fire damage due to home-stored flammable liquids and chemicals, A Plus Warehouse's complete line of safety storage cabinet's seal closed automatically in the event of fire emergencies. 

"In dealing with flammable materials, it is foolhardy to use standard storage cabinets," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "The smartest way to pick a safety storage cabinet is to look at some of the links provided and see what the law requires. Beyond the scope of law, we always recommend auto closing safety storage cabinets over manual units. In a fire, we suggest getting the heck out and let the cabinets take care of themselves. And remember: never obstruct a safety cabinet door! The auto close feature is a waste if there is an obstruction preventing a door from closing in an accident."

The A Plus auto close cabinets have fusible links that hold the doors open. These metallic links melt at a relatively low temperature forcing the spring loaded doors to close themselves. In the case of a manual door, a person needs to manually shut the door if a fire starts. 

A Plus Warehouse stocks acid cabinets for the storage of poisons, flammables, or other harmful chemicals. They also stock paint cabinets, hazmat storage cabinets as well as the entire line of cylinder cabinets and specialty safety drum cabinets for the storage of vertical or horizontal drums that contain hazardous chemicals. This is to improve safety, convenience and reduce the risk of accidental poisoning and fires. 

A Plus Warehouse carries cylinder cabinets in both steel and aluminum -- horizontal and vertical both unassembled as well as assembled. They also carry specially designed storage and safety cabinets that keep damage from corrosive liquids in check in research laboratories. 

To improve home safety and fire preparedness, call A Plus Warehouse today at 800-209-8798 or visit

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