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Ergonomic Work Benches and Mobile Carts Promote Better Health and Higher Productivity

February 17, 2014  |  Comments

Ergonomic work benches and mobile carts are a critical component of worker safety and maximized productivity. Just a few extra dollars invested in ergonomic work benches go a long way in preventing injuries that not only harm the worker, but could cost employers tens of thousands of dollars in worker's compensation benefits, medical payments, and lost worker productivity.

OSHA standards compliance with ergonomic work benches and mobile carts

Employers may even face substantial fines or penalties imposed by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) for violating worker safety guidelines. Thus, it makes sense to purchase ergonomic work benches and mobile carts designed to meet OSHA's strict worker safety standards to protect both workers and employers.

Ergonomic work benches keep your workers healthy

Ergonomic work benches and mobile carts keep your workers healthy by allowing for increased mobility and flexibility while completing tasks. Ideal work benches need to be selected according to correct height measurements for the primary tasks involved. For instance, work benches designed for standing tasks work poorly in an environment where workers need to be seated.

Ideal ergonomic work benches are height adjustable

Typical architectural standards for counter-tops are 36 inches (3 feet). The ideal ergonomic work bench will be adjustable for heights both higher and lower than 36 inches. Many workmen prefer a 32 inch height for woodwork, but an ergonomic work bench that can be raised to 42 inches makes detailed work involving lots of bending over easier. When tasks are made easier, this usually means less strain and less fatigue, leading to fewer injuries. 

Match ergonomic work benches with adjustable stools and mobile carts

Also, to enhance worker safety while utilizing work benches, height appropriate stools or adjustable chairs are critical for time-intensive tasks. Keep in mind that a typical 30-inch high stool will not permit a worker from getting their legs underneath a standard counter top. Mobile carts also allow workers to reposition their workspace so as to make their tasks easier, and less injury-prone. 

Ergonomic Tool Box- In addition to providing employees with ergonomic work benches, eliminate the following issues where possible:

  • Awkward or stationary posture
  • Repetitive motion
  • Complicated controls or tasks requiring too much physical effort
  • Excessive reach, inadequate clearances, or poor accessibility to tools, supplies, or work areas
  • Poorly illuminated or small font displays or computer screens

Increase worker productivity with work benches and mobile carts

Worker productivity is often tied to worker safety. When workers are given workspaces that are optimized for their safety and long term health, productivity also rises due to less injury-related worker ailments. Further, ergonomic work benches and mobile carts allow for shortened distances, less repetitive movement, and less time required for each step of a task. A healthy work station is a productive work station!

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