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From LA to NYC, A Plus Warehouse Inplant Offices And Buildings Provide Instant Office Space

August 19, 2008  |  Comments

Looking to add office space to your current building, but in a hurry? Inplant offices and inplant buildings from A Plus Warehouse, a leading national material handling dealer, are installed in a fraction of the time as regular add-ons, saving companies from LA to NYC money by minimizing production downtime and other business interruptions.

"Our inplant buildings and offices are made by National Partitions, PortaKing, Portafab, and other fine names, and are available nationwide with factory installation," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Their easy installation designs eliminate the dust and debris associated with building for instant, rugged and durable office space that will continue to meet your facility's space needs for years to come." 

A Plus Warehouse also offers wire partitions systems for additional security and safety in company facilities. Wire partitions assist in minimizing petty theft-security and also make it harder for people to be where they shouldn't be � safety wise.

"Our wire partitions provide a contemporary approach to dividing and securing areas while still allowing clear visibility, light and air flow," said Stairman. "We offer prefabricated wire partition systems and will design custom wire partitions systems based on your sketches as well."

A Plus Warehouse is a national dealer of essential material handling equipment including inplant offices, inplant buildings, wire partitions systems, hydraulic scissor lifts, dock boards, steel shelving, industrial conveyors, bin cabinets, tilt trucks, work benches, metal cabinets, and plastic bins of all types. For more information on ordering, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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