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Get the Right Drum Equipment for the Job with A Plus Warehouse

June 9, 2011  |  Comments

Many manufacturing plants and maintenance facilities use drums for storing fluids in bulk, but unfortunately, not all of these businesses use the proper drum handling equipment when moving them. A Plus Warehouse, a leading business-to-business distributor of locker equipment and quality materials handling equipment, carries the drum equipment necessary to move drums and reduce the probability of worker injury.

Industrial drums can easily weight 500 pounds or more; it is impractical and dangerous for workers to handle these drums without the proper equipment, yet many warehouses continue to roll drums on their lips or overload simple aluminum hand trucks.

"How many times have you seen people moving drums by tilting them on their rim and turning them? This is a hazardous spill waiting to happen," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "Moving drums becomes automatic thanks to the drum grabber and drum lifter options at A Plus Warehouse. Our top-of-the-line drum equipment family offers you the tools you need to improve the overall operation and safety of your facility."

A Plus Warehouse's wide selection of drum handling equipment includes drum grabbers, drum lifters, drum pumps for dispensing liquids from drums, drum heaters, drum tops and covers, drum crushers and drum compactors. Their hydraulic drum crusher and compactor crushes 55-gallon drums (up to 33" high) down to 6" high, making drum disposal much easier and much less expensive by significantly reducing hazmat disposal fees. In addition, the standard drum compacting feature allows users to compact products within the drum by simply removing the drum crushing platen.

"Get rid of all those empty drums just sitting around your warehouse taking up space. With 38,000 pounds of crushing power and a 25-second cycle time, this crusher is capable of crushing hundreds of drums per day," said Stairman. "Save your back, improve worker efficiency, increase storage space, and save money. Get the right drum equipment for the job from A Plus Warehouse!"

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