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Go Big With BigBlue Storage Cabinets

December 10, 2012  |  Comments


Many dealers sell industrial gray storage cabinets - and for many years , thiswas A Plus Warehouses' modus operandi. However , we recently came up with a great new aesthetic design that has taken the materials handling world by storm - the BigBlue stoage cabinet!

BigBlue Storage Cabinets

There are a few things to note about famous BigBlue storage cabinets line.

  • Made In America !
  • Available in a veritable rainbow of colors - but check out the Dark Blue with Red Accent!
  • Customizable with casters or even perforated doors and / or sides
  • Heavy duty 14 / 16 GA construction
  • Spoiler alert -- We will be launching a BigBlue Heavy duty storage cabinet with 12 GA design! Coming your way in 2013
  • Availab le with bins / drawers / or shelves!

The BigBlue has proven to be a great line for A Plus Warehouse, and we suggest customers consider this fine cabinet for their storage needs!

Please click on the button below for our buyers guide - also , enjoy the product video.

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