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How Vinyl Strip Doors Work In Both Warm AND Cold Environments

February 3, 2014  |  Comments

The most basic and economical barrier to separate two spaces is a "door" made of overlapping strips of clear or tinted flexible plastic often known as strip curtains or vinyl strip doors. Vinyl strip doors are found in many different industries, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Read on to learn all about the convenience and versatility of vinyl strip doors.

The most common use for vinyl strip doors is as a secondary barrier in buildings or warehouses where the primary door will be left open for extended periods to assist workflow. They can be used both in warm and cold environments to keep a temperature differential. They can also be configured to accommodate different sorts of traffic. 

Vinyl strip doors work in both warm and cold environments to keep heat in, keep cold in, keep heat out and/or keep cold out. Vinyl strip doors can be used inside of cooler doors, refrigerator doors, freezer doors or even inside of overhead dock doors where controlling environmental conditions such as moisture, cooling or heating will not only protect supplies and equipment, but save on energy costs as well. Vinyl strip doors reduce energy costs by keeping cold air inside and warmer air outside, and help food and perishables extend their shelf life by up to 50%. In addition, compressors work less, thereby reducing refrigerator/freezer maintenance costs.

Vinyl strip doors improve traffic flow within work areas by speeding up the movement of employees, equipment or materials between two areas in your building by eliminating the need to stop, open, move through and manually close doors. Vinyl strip doors can be altered by overlap percentage to allow for different types of entry, from forklift trucks to foot traffic.

Last but not least, vinyl strip doors provide protection against noise, wind, fumes, pollution, dust and dirt, helping to provide a more comfortable work environment for employees, and increasing worker productivity. They minimize hot and cold weather from entering the building, and also work to minimize birds and pests from entering and contaminating products and shelves and/or bothering employees.

Vinyl strip doors come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and overlap for all door configurations. Strip thicknesses generally range from.180 all the way up to .250 inches and should be chosen based on the application. A .250 inch thick strip door is too heavy for a person to walk through, but a forklift may do fine, while on the flip side, .180 is fine for a person to walk through, but would not stand up to forklift traffic very well. 33% overlap for foot traffic and small temperature differentials may make sense, where 100% might be what you wish for forklift access and higher temperature differentials and windy conditions.

Vinyl strip doors are easy to install, maintain and if necessary, repair or replace. They can be wall or header mounted. A header mounted unit fits within a door jam with universal galvanized hardware (or at times aluminum). Wall mounted configurations have the strips mounted above the door. Search for vinyl strip doors online to increase employee productivity and save energy costs today!

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