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Learn about Laundry Carts| Vinyl Liner Truck

August 15, 2018  |  Comments

Look no further than A Plus Warehouse for your laundry cart needs. We have a wide selection of different laundry carts including wire carts, bulk trucks, and industrial trucks. Most industries deal with laundry, Our laundry products are ideal for transporting clothing. Learn more about some of our specific products!

                The popular Vinyl Liner Truck features a flame retardant liner. This offers a great deal of protection. The rims of the truck are protected with a heavy duty black rim. The capacity of this product ranges from 250 # to 625 # dependent on the number of bushels. Bushels capacity ranges from 6 to 24. Each truck features different sized polyurethane casters. Caster size ranges from 3” to 5”.  For your convenience, this product can also be nested. Customers also tend to appreciate the wide variety of colors offers with this product. Colors include beige, black, blue, forest green, gray, navy blue, red, white, and yellow. If you are looking to bring your laundry cart up to  the next level, we also recommend purchasing a portable floor laundry scale. The scale has easy access ramps on two sides as well as high quality mild steel construction.  The product works perfectly with the Vinyl Liner Truck mentioned above. Scale features an Anti Skid Diamond Plate Desk.

                Now that you have heard a bit about one of our more popular laundry carts, it is time to order. A Plus Warehouse has been your right source right now for over 20 years. At A Plus Warehouse we are big enough to fill your order, but small enough to know that every order matters. Order now!


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