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July 1, 2015  |  Comments

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Enjoy the Video and Learn about the LiftKar Powered Stairclimbing Handtruck.

LiftKar HD Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Truck

Transcription: Introducing the new LiftKar HD battery powered stair climbing truck with advanced safety features available exclusively from Wesco (available here at A Plus Warehouse).

There are two LiftKar HD models with 725 pound capacity and a wide variety of options. Standard manual delivery typically requires two or three people to transport a heavy load upstairs. The result can be damaged products or worker injury. But with the LiftKar HD loads of up to 725 pounds can be moved by one person, making it possible to move bulky loads with greatly reduced effort. The load is secured with a safety strap that can be attached anywhere along the length of the frame.

The effective use of the LiftKar HD will save time and money and reduce the chance of worker injury. No other climbing mechanism does the heavy lifting while the operator guides the truck. This individual is certainly not a professional delivery person yet she is able to quickly move the cargo up the stairs.

The LiftKar HD is powered by a rechargeable battery that quickly and easily snaps into place. Sphere battery packs can be purchased to extend the operating time. Each battery pack is equipped with a safety switch.

The LiftKar HD is activated by pushing a button and a green LED indicates that its ready to use. The speed switch can be set for a higher or lower speed and this switch controls the direction. An identical switch on the other side performs the same function thus allowing optimal handling according to the situation or user preference.

With the LiftKar foam model the optimal gripping position can be set easily just by releasing a lever. The infinitely adjusting handle makes it easy to find the center of gravity of the load while the operator remains in the most ergonomic position. The handle also folds down for more compact storage and transport.

The LiftKar HD series is the ideal solution for transporting loads on all types of stairs up to 8.25 inches in height and notice how the handle on this fold model is adjusted for the most comfortable operator position. Fold is ideal for short and heavy loads that require the truck to be tilted to a steep angle to be properly balanced and notice how easily the load is moved with the optional caster equipped step on toe plate.

As soon as the LiftKar HD is switched on fully automatic breaks are activated. The breaks sense the edge of the steps and stop the wheels to prevent further rolling. This makes transport safer by minimizing the chance of accidently rolling off a step or losing control of the load.

The optional snap on toe plate can be attached in seconds. It is equipped with four swivel casters which can allow especially heavy loads to be easily steered and transport in an upright position without having to tip the truck back thus reducing operator strain and fatigue. This is especially helpful in confined spaces such as the stairwell.

The LiftKar HD has two Micro Cellular tires so you never have to worry about a flat. Both the tires and the stairway sensors are designed to leave no tracks on the floor or stairs or other sensitive surfaces. No matter which model you choose the LiftKar HD will save money and time and take the load off your delivery personnel. Find out more by calling Wesco or by downloading our literature from the website at

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