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Dock Lifts | All about Them

August 2, 2016  |  Comments

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 The Amazing Loading Dock Lifts

We sell High Quality Loading Dock Lifts 1304here at A Plus Warehouse. Every loading dock should have a dock lift because, that makes loading much easier. Trucks with odd heights will not be able to serve your dock without a Dock Lift. This proves to be the simplest and best way to load a truck. Why take the risk of injuring yourself by carrying large bulks when you can use the lift. Imagine having to get several heavy packages without a lift. This product will make your everyday loading life much more efficient and painless.

Heavy Duty Dock Lifts

If you are searching for a very heavy duty dock lifter, you should check out the Hydraulic Dock Lift. You can load and unload trucks with this. This was created for maximum safety and efficiency. We can sell this to you in many ways. The capacity can range from 5,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds. The lowered height can range from 8 inches to 14. You could even upgrade to an aluminum bridge! We include an emergency velocity fuse if the hose breaks. It also includes a pre-wired control box with magnetic starters and overload fuse.  With this machine comes several safety features because of how hazardous it can be. We provide a toe guard, which should never be removed.


Outdoor Dock Lifts

If searchingdocklift2 for a lift you can use outside, view the Outdoor Dock Lift. You could use an outdoor lift if you have to clean a window, fix a roof, etc. The dock lift is a great mix between a ladder and a scaffold. You may want to have more room than a ladder gives, and you might not want a semi-permanent structure like a scaffold, so a good mix would be our dock. To minimize rust this machine has a hot dipped galvanized base and legs. This is a quick delivery piece of equipment with all sub-assemblies in stock, and we will ship it to you full assembled for your convenience. It is even environmentally friendly because of it biodegradable hydraulic fluids.

If you want the best docks around come to A Plus Warehouse, and you will be happy with your decision. We aim to satisfy our customers from when we start working with them to the end!

Call us at 800-209-8798 for help - We are your right source right now

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