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Lockers For Sale | You Need 'em we got 'em

January 22, 2013  |  Comments


Looking for lockers for sale? If so , you have found the rightwebsite! We have lockers for sale throughout the USA and ship everywhere! There are several lock lines we carry , and it makes some sense to mention them in this blogpost.


Lockers For Sale

The locker shown on the right is a very peculiar item.  A 16 person locker has 2 6 tier openings separated by a 4 opening horizontal bridge piece with a coat rod.  Our friends at Tennsco realized that if they make the bridge piece only 3 openings wide , customers with a smaller wall would still be able to order - thus , the Tennsco 15 Person Locker ! Those guys in Tennessee never stop thinking!

Other interesting lockers for sale include the lockmaster lockers.  Lock master lockers are provided with built in combination or key locks.  With lockmaster lockers, customers don't need to go through the bother of picking the proper lock - A Plus Warehouse does that in advance!

Of course for our extra large Rhino Locker is excellent for customers that want a locker with a 4 or 6 square foot cross section!

The video below shows a Rhino Locker in action!

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