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Maple Top Tables Are a new addition to the website

July 6, 2016  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is ready to reveal our new work bench, which is known as the Maple Top Table. An interesting fact about this work bench is that it comes in quite a variety of ways. Also, this product can be put to use in several ways as well. This work bench is fairly durable, so it is able to hold most things. The top plank is almost two inches thick, therefore, it is very sturdy. This work bench is great for storage because, a full depth base is available with this bench. Along with many other work benches this one also has the option for casters. This work bench can have an adjustable height; the range is between 32 inches and 35 inches. This height differential can drastically change the use of this work bench, and it is up to you, our costumer, to determine how you maple table top specialwould like to use our work bench.

When you add casters to this work bench, you make the bench easily mobile, which is beneficial because, the risk of an injury while moving a table in work becomes a much lower chance. The casters make movement in the work office easier. Casters do not only work well with work benches, but they also work well with shelving. If someone must move their shelving but they do not have casters, the job will be nearly impossible. Shelving is great to have especially with casters to make it possible to move.  Every place needs storage and what could be better than having a shelf to go along with your work bench.

The best Maple Top Table is product number T-SLFM-2436. This work bench consists of two drawers, a full depth lower shelf, and even casters. It is a two feet by three feet table, which is enough room for most things. There is nowhere else you could find work benches just like this that gives you all the best aspects of an outstanding work bench.  It will be beneficial for a whole office. Buy your work bench from us today!

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