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Medium Duty Roller Conveyors at A Plus Warehouse

June 14, 2019  |  Comments

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Our line of “Medium Duty Roller Conveyors” have many similarities and a few key point differences that many people may not know about. First of all, to differentiate between the medium, light, and heavy duty, the roller diameter is smaller for the lighter duty and larger for heavy duty. The medium duty roller size is 1.9” in diameter, heavy duty is 2.5”, and the extra heavy duty is 3.5”. The most heavy duty conveyor we have is the Super Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors. The roller diameter is  3.5”, and the wall thickness is large, .216. With high durability and strength this conveyor is practically indestructible. And in any warehouse in which lots of heavy and dangerous machinery is used, there should also be a practical roller conveyor, which in the circumstance is this conveyor.

Along with knowing the roller diameter, the thickness is also very important. The thicker the roller means the larger the capacity. This is referenced as the gauge of roller. The larger the gauge the lower the thickness of the metal, and the lower gauge means the larger the metal thickness. So the 9 GA roller conveyor has a thicker metal than the 12 GA roller conveyor. If you are looking for something with a larger capacity than it is best to go with the lower gauge. The lowest 9 GA conveyor has a capacity of 260 lbs per roller; or 1300 lbs maximum distributed live load per 10' sections with supports at 10' centers and 3200 lbs at 5’ centers. The higher 16 gauge has a capacity of 250 lbs per roller and the frame capacity is 1300 lbs for a 10 ft length; or 3200 lbs for that length supported at 5 ft centers. The difference is the 10 pounds per roller. 


Our Conveyors

When purchasing a conveyor you should note the roller diameter, and metal thickness GA in order to figure out which is right for you. The highest capacity and best conveyor would be one with a large roller diameter and small gauge. Not all applications need an extremely high capacity, however. So first it is good to figure out what your application entails and pick a conveyor from there. Also, something to be aware of is the fact that with our conveyors green means go. If the image of our conveyor is green, then it can ship from stock. There will never be a hassle with the green conveyors, so they are a safe option.

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