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Megastar Lockers Available at A Plus Warehouse

May 25, 2018  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse is presenting a new line of items that we call the Mega Star Lockers. We have single tier, double, triple, and 5 tier lockers. They each have a wide variety of colors for you to choose from, of course we sell the typical blue and grey, but we also have some fun color you might like. These lockers can be seen in several places, one being a school. This is excellent storage for school supplies. The 5 tier locker is more for smaller items whereas if you view our single tier locker, you will notice that it has plenty of room for one to store their backpack. Most of these lockers feature a hook for your bags.

You already know that these lockers are very stylish, but did you also know they are extremely durable. We know that these lockers are most likely going to be used by students and we want to make sure they are extremely durable and safe. We do not want any customers of ours or anyone relating to the customers to be injured from an unstable product. Therefore, we always aim to find the most durable items to sell our customers.

Why stop at the mega star lockers when you can look at our school lockers page? We have a large variety of lockers ranging from single tier to 6 tier. We buy our lockers from companies like Penco, Hallowell, and many others. These are trusted sources, we will only choose a vendor if they are the best of the line, and the vendors we choose are. We have both wood and metal lockers for your school. Some may have a slope top, a DigiTech locking mechanism, coat rods and hooks, and many other features. You can trust us to supply your schools with the right lockers.

We have been selling lockers at A Plus Warehouse since the day we started, which happens to be over 20 years ago.   A Plus Warehouse is your right choice – right now!

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