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Multimedia Storage Cabinet New at A Plus Warehouse

September 28, 2018  |  Comments

                Our multimedia storage cabinet is new this week to the A Plus Warehouse lineup. We are always adding a large variety of new and interesting products to the company website. This keeps things fresh!  It is also important to us that our products keep up with modern technology.  We feature products from several different categories including but not limited to dock equipment, hoists, material handling equipment, office furniture, and of course cabinets.

                We are so excited to now offer the multimedia storage cabinet. It can store all sorts of different media including cards, CDs, and DVDs.  This product is available with between 5 and 8 drawers. This is more than enough room to store all your media! The 8 drawer model can store 43,400 3X5 or 4 X 6 cards, 1024 standard CDs, or  1920 slimline CDs. It also comes in five different attractive colors including sand, putty, light grey, medium grey, and black.  The product is very durable and functional. A Plus Warehouse also sells a multimedia cabinet for video only.  The construction for this product dissipates static electricity and may provide electromagnet radiation protection. It includes 4 drawer, but product can be stacked up to 2 high. So a customer can order two of these and have an 8 drawer unit. Order your multimedia cabinet today!

multi media storage cabinet

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