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September 27, 2012  |  Comments


Where should on go when in the appetite for steel shelving? Of course the answer to that question is A Plus Warehouse.  We provide only the best steel shelving. Our traditional steel shelving is typically made in USA , while the rivet rack tends to be manufactured overseas.

There are a few types of steel shelving I'd like to bring your attention to..

Hallowell Heavy Duty Steel Shelving -- Due to a unique post and innovative shelf design ,Steel Shelving Hallowell has brought the standard steel shelf into the 1200# capacity per shelf arena! If you have super heavy stock , and still want traditional shelving , this is your steel shelving!

Krazy Cap Heavy Duty Steel Shelving -- The very same company that manufactures our every popular BigBlue line of storage cabinets and work benches has introduced the Krazy Cap shelving.  These shelving units has a capacity of 1,775 pounds per shelf! If your shelf footprint is 42 x 18 or 48 x 24 - and you are storing SERIOUSLY heavy stuff , the Krazy Cap steel shelving is for you!

Hallowell steel shelving is great because there are several capacity ranges readily available for sale nationwide at local warehouses! Shelving is expensive to ship per mile , which is why local stock makes so much sense.Krazy Cap Steel Shelving

A Plus Warehouse offers the best sales help in the business.  If you have any questions , call us at 800-209-8798 and a steel shelving guru will be on the line with you!

For further information , please download our free steel shelving product buyers guide.  Also, please enjoy the video - and why not link to our blog?



We are your right choice right now!

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