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Now Selling Lockers With Built In Locks

April 18, 2015  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse has been selling Lockers and locks for over 20 years.  We recently came up with a genius idea - sell lockers with built in locks . We decided to name these creatures LOCKMASTER lockers.2t3w 1

The image shown on the right is a double tier lockers with built in locks 3 columns wide

We show a magnification of the built in combination lock - but built in key type is also available with the handy drop down menu.

We sell most all school lockers lockmaster style - including single tier , triple tier and box style as well.

Count on A Plus Warehouse to continuously offer new and interesting locker products as well as our entire line.

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Thanks as alway for reading.

As a parting gift - please check out our expertly produced video of the Valumaster locker. Quick secret-- Valumaster + built in lock = Lockmaster - if you couldn't guess!



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