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Power Belt Conveyors Add Up to Big Personnel Savings, Says A Plus Warehouse

October 27, 2009  |  Comments

Why did the box of frozen chicken cross the warehouse? It was on a power belt conveyor, of course. A Plus Warehouse carries all types of conveyors for loading or unloading trucks, cross docking, or simply moving product from one area to another, but if you're looking for personnel savings, power belt conveyors are the way to go, says the national material handling dealer.

"Although a powered belt conveyor costs more than a gravity conveyor, you don't get the full benefit of personnel savings with gravity," said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. "When you consider ordering conveyors, you are normally making an efficiency calculation. For example, you may be using 1/3 of a person to push a cart of product across your production floor to other zones. If the addition of a belt conveyor reduces this to 1/10 of a person, without causing any trouble, you have probably just saved over $10,000 per year."

Many other companies consider belt conveyors to be special order only, but A Plus Warehouse employs a stockyard concept, keeping a wide inventory of work-in-process used by many conveyors on hand. This system allows them to produce almost all flat belt conveyors, incline belt conveyor products and belt conveyor systems within 48 hours.

"We make ordering belt conveyors simple," said Stairman. "For your convenience, we show all prices online, and you don't need to specially order the rubber conveyor belt, motor, legs or conveyor section – all we need to know is the length, overall width, belt width and belt speed."

A belt conveyor system is normally integrated with other material handling and storage equipment such as dollies, carts, metal cabinets, hoists and gantry cranes – all of which is carried by A Plus Warehouse. For more information or for help with ordering, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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