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Product Spotlight: RotoMax Work Positioner

October 26, 2016  |  Comments

NEW RotoMax Work Positioner

 RotoMax Work Positioner - Review


The RotoMax work positioner from Lift Products is the latest addition to the selection here at A Plus Warehouse, and we couldn’t be more excited. Why’s that, you ask? We’re excited because the RotoMax, unlike other work positioners, is completely unique!

The RotoMax is the first addition from the well-known brand Lift Products. Please join us in highlighting all the amazing features of the RotoMax Work Positioner!

The Specs

First, here are the details for the Lift Products RotoMax:

  • 2500# and 3500# capacities
  • 6.5”-32.5” pneumatic lift table height range
  • 43” lazy susan diameter
  • Single phase motor or 230/460 3 phase motor
  • 360-degree electric lazy susan

The RotoMax is more than capable enough to handle rigorous daily work. Now let’s explore what it actually does and how it stands out from other rotating lift table products.


Elevate Your Work

Everyone knows work positioners and scissor lifts are great at getting your work at the right level, and the RotoMax work positioner excels at this. Like the rest of the work positioner/scissor lift family, the RotoMax uses a pneumatic lift table to raise and lower your work load. This not only makes your work easier but also reduces strain, improving your working conditions with the power of ergonomics!

Putting a Positive Spin on Things

We did say the RotoMax work positioner was unique, and more than just because it’s our first item from the Lift Products brand. The RotoMax is unique to our selection because it combines an industrial lazy susan with a scissor lift! If you aren’t familiar with industrial lazy susans already, these items can support heavy loads such as pallets on their surface. You can then easily turn your project and work from any angle. For example, if you work in a packaging plant, the turntable lets you cover a work load with packaging without having to move yourself.

An industrial lazy susan is a convenient piece of equipment on its own. But when you combine it with a scissor lift, as the RotoMax does, it offers you a piece of equipment to help you be even more efficient.

Additional Features

You can outfit a RotoMax with several additional features to make your work even more efficient.

  • Electrically-powered rotating top
  • Outboard mounting casters
  • Forklift pockets
  • Skirting

RotoMax Work Positioner by Lift Products

The RotoMax rotating lift table is able to raise or lower your work to a more comfortable height and angle it to the direction you need it. Now that you know all about the RotoMax work positioner from Lift Products, we hope you’ll consider it for your needs.

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