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Roller Conveyor | Please don't call it conveyor belt!

October 15, 2012  |  Comments


Roller Conveyor sections are the most commonly utilized gravity conveyors onthe market.  Lets call them by their proper name: Roller Conveyors.  Many people call all conveyors " conveyor belt".  Gravity roller conveyors have no belt!

Roller Conveyor

The roller conveyor on the right is our Roach medium heavy duty conveyor ( our HDRC series ) Although this is not the heaviest duty conveyor we sell, it offers a 2 1/2 inch roller and 540 pounds per roller capacity.  This is ample capacity for most applications.

If you want to load up a 10 foot conveyor with up to 10 tons of product , check out our King Conveyor.  This structural conveyor with 3 1/2 inch rollers with .216 roller thickness is the real deal - you can see the King Conveyor right below the Roach HDRC

King Conveyor


It is A Plus Warehouse's job to make sure the roller conveyor you order is the one you need.  Our sales experts can hook you up with the roller conveyor you need.  Do you want to know what we call a sales person with 7 years experience at A Plus Warehouse ? We call him a newbie!

Give us a call at 800-209-8798 and run your roller conveyor application by us - we can certainly help.

Please feel free to download the roller conveyo buyers guide , and also enjoy the expertly produced conveyors video.

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