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Safety Showers

December 29, 2017  |  Comments

Does you facility or work environment not have sufficient water pressure or plumbing? We have just what you need! Our emergency tank showers are the right fit for you, offering practicality and a safe environment. These more heavy duty products are designed to provide tepid water almost anywhere! Perfect for areas in water shortages with a 317 gallon (1200) liter availability makes this perfect for areas with water shortages.  This product is very easy to activate-just push the panic bar! It is designed to withstand temperature range between 14°F(-10°C) to 104°(40°C). Comes unassembled but easily set up with basic hand tools!

emergency tank shower

safety shower immersion heater

Need an even bigger tank shower? We have it all! Check out our Mobile Safety Shower With Immersion Heater! This is an outstanding product and a great investment especially for location where water supply is unavailable or on a shortage. This safety shower provides continuous flow of tepid water for 15 minutes, and the immersion heater maintains water at constant temperature by a dual safety thermostat. Standing at 117.2” in height, including the shower sign, this monster can handle the biggest of accidents, providing service to many people at once. It hold up to 528 gallons (2000-L) of water with eye and face wash features as well. Its four wheels each come with breaks, making your move easier to where you need it. It’s durable and heavy duty polyethylene tank includes an electric submersible pump. Meets ANSI and supports OSHA requirements.

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