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Skinny Racks at A Plus Warehouse

May 20, 2019  |  Comments

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A Plus Warehouse provides customers with products you cannot find elsewhere. We know that some tasks may need special application, so we always make sure to sell products that are unique and different in order to create more variety with our products and usage. Everyone knows of pallet racks; They are great for storage purposes because they hold your larger and bulky items. However, not everyone knows of A Plus Warehouse’s original Skinny Racks™.

skinny rack in use

Skinny Racks™ originated because the need for narrow pallet racks were rapidly increasing. The reason we say skinny is because these racks are not as deep as the usual ones. Many places sell the typical 42 and 48 inch deep racks, but no one else can provide you with racks as narrow as 36 inches, 30, and even 24.  This rack still is the trusted and reliable tear drop rack style, with a galvanized wire decking option.  Still containing large capacities, this A Plus Warehouse original pallet rack is a good choice for storage, especially if you want to save some room by having a narrower rack. When you order this rack, you can choose to have either the standards depths or for something different and narrow the special 24, 30, and 36 inch options. All are excellent choices; it just depends on the space you have and storage size you are looking for. Skinny Racks ™ are in stock and have fast shipping rates of 6-8 weeks.

Our company aims to provide ultimate satisfaction to all our customers and in doing so we make sure to provide unique items for those specialized application needs that our customers may have. Here, at A Plus Warehouse there is no problem too large that we cannot solve. We want what is best for our customers, so we have a team of workers always by the phones ready to answer and help you out. With years of experience the sales staff is sure to help you find what you need! Pallet racks, lockers, cabinets, storage systems, dollies, and more; we sell it all so give us a call at 800-209-8798 for more information about our vast line of products.

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