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Stainless Steel Cabinets from A Plus Warehouse offer Great Storage Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

March 23, 2010  |  Comments

Every day pharmaceutical companies work with a large number of high profile medicines and medical supplies which must be stored in safe and secure conditions free from rust. It can be a challenge to find storage for these items, but A Plus Warehouse offers an ideal solution with their top-of-the-line stainless steel cabinets from KingCab.

“We have a wide variety of cabinets that would be perfect for a pharmaceutical, hospital or other medical setting, including ventilated cabinets, see through cabinets, and stainless steel storage cabinets with plastic bins for small item storage,” said Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse. 

A Plus Warehouse’s stainless steel cabinets are rust-proof, acid-resistant and extremely durable, ensuring many years of quality use. Their stainless steel finish is not only sleek and stylish, but the definitive solution for sanitary and hygienic storage.

All of the stainless steel KingCab cabinets from A Plus Warehouse come with a three-point locking mechanism with a built-in cylinder lock and two keys, but they can be ordered with factory installed keyless locks for the ultimate level of security. Keyless locks are not only convenient (you never have to worry about losing your keys again), but they offer maximum safety and security for any items you need to store.

Much like the large selection of lockers A Plus Warehouse is famous for, their cabinets are versatile and adaptable for any number of applications. All of the units offer removable or adjustable shelves in order to adjust for new products or changing needs, and they come in a wide variety of sizes.

 “At A Plus Warehouse we have eight different styles of stainless steel cabinets with at least five different size configurations for each style, meaning customers have at least 40 standard stainless steel cabinets to choose from to fit their specific needs,” said Stairman. “Whether you work at a pharmaceutical company, a hospital, a restaurant, an office, or you just want a nice clean look for your wardrobe, we can help you find what you need.”

To learn more about stainless steel cabinets, work benches, lockers or industrial equipment from A Plus Warehouse, call 800-209-8798 or visit

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