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Steel Storage Cabinets | Gage your Gauge

January 29, 2013  |  Comments


When customers consider ordering steel storage cabinets , the first thingmany dealers start talking about is the metal storage cabinets gauge.

steel storage cabinets

Gauge is simply a measure of steel thickness.  To make it confusing , the lower the gauge , the thicker the steel.  The Bigblue steel storage cabinet shown on the right is a 14 and 16 gauge cabinet.  This metal storage cabinet is fine for most industrial applications.

The heaviest duty production storage cabinet on the market is a 12 gauge cabinet.  Our KingCab line is in stock for immediate delivery! Hallowell, Lyons,Pucel, Durham, and Jamco all produce 12 Gauge storage cabinets as well.  Each of the previously mentioned manufacturers are certified A Plus Warehouse quality partners!

There is a wealth of products available in the market , but we at A Plus Warehouse try to make the process very simple.  Our trained sales people can help with any question you may have.

For additional information , please download the free buyers guide! Also , please enjoy the professional video we put together.

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