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Storage Bins | Why You Love Them and Where To Get Them

November 8, 2012  |  Comments


Storage Bins are necessary in any business! They keep work areas organized and factoriesproductive.  Have you ever seen smaller stores stock their shelves? Invariably , inventory comes to the store in flip top containers like those made by Akro , Lewis and Quantum.

Storage Bins With Shelving

When customers are looking for storage bins , they are sometimes looking for shelving at the same time! A Plus Warehouse now provides storage bins pre configured with shelving.  This makes the ordering process simple for our busy customers!

The image shown on the right are rack bins shown with shelving.  Pay attention to the Rackbins with double depth wire shelving . This unique design is an A Plus Warehouse esxclusive! When storing loose items on a pallet rack or bulk rack , imagine how convenient it will be to store everything in a rack depth sized storage bin!

I'd be remiss if I didn't bring your attention to the Akro Bin - the king of the storage binsempire!

Akro Bin

The Akro stacking bins come in a range of sizes and colors.  Other great brands we carry include Quantum and Lewis Bins.  Lewis manufactures some ultra rugged stacking bins that are autoclavable at enourmous temperatures! Don't worry about the term 'autoclavable' if you need to know , you already do! ( PS: It means you can sanitize the bins under ectreme heat - germs don't do too well over 170 degrees )

A Plus Warehouse is your storage bins source - please check us out.

Feel free to download the buyers guide - all yours for the price of $0 -- and enjoy our professionally produced video!

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