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July 12, 2017  |  Comments

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Industrial Swamp Coolers


The Season for Cooling System

As we get deeper into summer, conditions start to get hot and sometime uncomfortable. A Plus Warehouse is prepared for these conditions. We are here to sell you our wide selection of evaporative cooler.Our cooler work to keep you comfortable. If you are working outside in a very hot and dry area this cooler is a necessity. The fan will mist water onto you, which in turn will evaporate forcing you to cool down. These cooling systems will limit the danger of heat exhaustion from working outside. A safe employee is a happy employee.

deluxe 36 coolerWe have swamp coolers with a fan as big as 50 inches and we even have a compact cooler that is small, yet still effectively cools 500 square feet of space. The compact cooling mechanism is easily portable and is simple to operate. Not to mention this product, along with all our other cooling equipment, is low maintenance. There is no other needed material for this swamp cooler to work; if there is a standard 3 prong AC receptacle then the machine will work. Each machine has a different number of gallons it handles in order to cool. The larger ones need more gallons and can spread to a larger area, whereas the smaller one need less gallons and spread to a smaller area. The smaller coolers typically have a higher amperage.

Our king sized cooling mechanism is sure to cool down a whole group of people. Our most popular evaporative cooler is the King 50 inch Evaporative Cooler. This giant cooling system can cool 6,500 square feet of space and has 2 speeds it can work at. This cooler is perfect in a tent, for example a circus where it is very crowded. Compared to most giant coolers, ours is rather quiet. Even though this is our largest evaporative cooler, it is still easily mobile and has 4 inch casters which are included.

A Plus Warehouse wants the best for our customers and we hope to fulfill your every need. Give us a call at 800-209-8798, you can email us at [email protected]. Or visit our website at!

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