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The Ins and Outs of Conveyor Usage

October 4, 2016  |  Comments

 Getting the most use out of your conveyor

Getting the Most Out of Your Conveyor

A conveyor is a staple item for manufacturing, material handling, and similar industries. Advancements in technology have brought amazing efficiency to the work place, but a conveyor system is still a necessity. However, using a conveyor isn’t as simple as putting a product on it and watching it go; you have a veritable list of concerns to keep in mind.

Read on to learn the ins and out of conveyors:

 Deluxe Incline Conveyor

Know Your Conveyor Types

How you use your conveyor will depend on which type of conveyor you have. Different industries may rely on specific conveyor styles to bring you the most efficiency.

For example, a gravity conveyor is best used for moving steady, lighter loads. This is a cost-effective conveyor, as it does not require electricity to function as a power conveyor does. However, you’ll need to consider if the gravity conveyor has any incline to overcome, as loads are designed to travel in a general downward direction with the pull of gravity. You’ll also need to consider what type of rollers or skates to use, or if you need an expanding conveyor.

A power conveyor may be more appropriate for your needs if you’re moving a high volume of products or materials between different inclines. A power conveyor can help loads travel in any direction far easier than a gravity conveyor can.

There are other types of conveyors to consider, such as belt conveyors, pallet conveyors, or aggregate conveyors, but this shows you different movement needs require different types of conveyors.

 Medium Duty Roller Conveyors and Curved Sections

Consider the Industry

Using a conveyor system will no doubt benefit your work. However, to achieve peak efficiency you’ll need the right kind of conveyor for your industry. You may need only a few conveyor sections with rollers, or an entire gravity conveyor system spanning the whole of your facility.

There are other factors to consider as well. How busy you get during the holidays, for example. If you have to handle a large volume, you need to ensure your conveyor system can support it. Make sure your peak season doesn’t demand too much from your conveyor, or else you could find your facility swimming in product that should be on its way to customers.


Conveyor Safety

Conveyor usage would mean little without knowing proper safety practices. The fast-moving work environment means lots of product is traveling around your facility at a rapid pace. You’ll need to keep aware of your surroundings, such as the location of emergency shut-off devices. You should also make sure to tuck in any loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught between rollers.

Now that you know the ins and outs of conveyors, we hope you’ll share what you know to cultivate a safe work environment for everyone!

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