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The Lunch Tables You Need

July 26, 2016  |  Comments

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Lunch Tables

We have the best lunch table for your needs! We know that similar products are sold elsewhere; but, if you would like the best material for the best price, the right choice is us. We aim to please our customers, and we will stop at nothing to ensure your expectations are met. We try our hardest to please our customers and make sure they are all set with their equipment. A Plus Warehouse is the right choice for warehouse equipment. Start order online now, and you will not regret it.

Need a Table?

Our Lunchroom Cafeteria Tables SetSize200200 469are a big hit!  This is a simple and attractive one piece table. There is nothing dangerously sharp poking out so you don’t have to worry about school children using it. The seating is neatly welded to the frame which means you will be able to keep your lunch room clean. You won’t have to worry about putting seats where they belong after meal time because they will never have been moved. This is a nice 29 inch tall product with 18 GA constructions. We decided to add color options to this table because of how popular it has become. We have colors choices for two separate parts, the table top and the frame. For the frame you can pick Black, Brown, Grey, Putty, and Tan. For the table you can choose Walnut, Quartered Oak, Mahogany, English Oak, Teak, Wild Cherry, Heather Legacy, Graphite Nebula, and Grey Nebula. This product has the most variety than any other!

Need Another?

The SetSize200200 industrial lunch tableIndustrial Lunch Table is another well put together item similar to the other. This product is available in hardwood top, and steel. The base is grey for all models. They both have great qualities, and from that you decide what you want for your lunch table top. This is perfect for a school environment! The table and seats are both very sturdy.

We, at A Plus Warehouse, like to serve our customers to their fullest satisfaction and hope that we can get you what you want!

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