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The Multi Tier Lockers

August 4, 2016  |  Comments

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The Best Multi Tier Lockers

Four Tier?

A Plus Warehouse supplies several locker options for you to choose from. Our Four Tier Designer Lockersdesigner four tier locker could be a great locker for you. This locker is excellent for use in a professional environment because of its classy looks. This Wooden Locker comes in 6 aesthetically pleasing colors. We can provide this in 5 feet or 6 feet tall. The Industrial Grade Particleboard gives our product a beautiful finishing look. This heavy duty locker is a perfect size that you could store some clothing in, without it being too big. One could also fit school supplies in here easily. We advise that when you purchase this you order one side panel per exposed side in order for your product to look the best it can.

Box Style?

Along with our four tier designer box style designer lockerslocker we also have a Box Style Designer Locker for those who would like even more compartments. If you have limited space, this is the product to go for. This will come to you fully assembled, which is great. Similarly, it is made of Industrial Grade Particleboard. We can sell this to you with a sloping hood in order to prevent a mess. We can sell you additional shelves with this product, and we have a variety of lock options you can choose from and colors. Many people like this locker because it has several compartments, so any office that may be small, or that may have several employees, would typically buy this product.

Heavy Duty?

If you are look for an ultra strong locker you have found the right12box place to look. Our Triple Tier Ultra Heavy Duty Locker is just what you need. This product is in stock for immediate shipping so you don’t have to wait. These box lockers are a rugged 12 gauge. Each opening has a 750 pound capacity. Instead of storing employee clothing in here, the main purpose is to store heavy things. For example, people will store their heavy tools. This is perfect for any industrial location. This locker is the most heavy duty triple tier locker around. 

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