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The Outstanding See Through Lockers

July 21, 2016  |  Comments

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See Through Lockers

A Plus Warehouse is here to sell you our See Through Lockers. These lockers are perfect because they can lock which gives one some privacy, but they are also see through so nothing can be hidden. In the scenario of a work place, the employee will be able to lock their stuff, and the employer will be able to check for contraband without invading the other person’s privacy by unlocking the locker. This product is also aesthetically pleasing; it can make any area look nice. These are like any other locker, but the only difference is the fact that it is see through. More places are starting to use these now; For example, schools, jails, factories, and other similar areas use them.  We can sell these metal lockers to you assembled or unassembled, so you can save some money. We aim to bring our customers to their needs efficiently, and these lockers will do the job.

The Six Foot High Single Tier See Through Locker is a fantasticsingle tier see through lockers locker of ours. Many of our customers like this locker because it is very simple. This product is perfect for the industry. Of course, we will ship this to you either assembled or unassembled, depending on what satisfies you more. In this product, the hat shelf is even adjustable. Although grey is the king of the colors, we also offer blue because we know customers really love this color, and we even include tan for those customers that want to be different from the rest. With these features you get to choose how you organize your locker, and everything is more personal. This model contains an intermediate amount of depth, 18 inches. We alsohall include a coat rod in this model. This item is available single wide, or triple wide. When possible it is best to order in a set of triple because, sides will be shared which means less metal will be used, and the cost will go down because there is less metal than there would be if you bought 3 singles. 

Another outstanding locker would be our See Through Double Tier Lockers. This product is in stock and ready to ship just for you. This is perfect for conserving space because, sometimes a full sized locker is not needed for one person, and instead 2 people can take 2 half sized lockers to save room. This product is different than most others because it comes in beige. If you were looking to be unique, you have found the right place!

Check out our Lockers on our website, and you won’t be upset with what you find. Give us a call at 800-209-8798!!

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