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The Secret Solution(s) to Successful Warehouse Organization

January 9, 2017  |  Comments

The Secret to Warehouse Organization

What's the secret to getting orgazined?

With proper warehouse organization, you can accomplish so much. Without it, you can feel like you’re rolling a giant boulder up an even more giant hill. But you’ve got a job to do; you can’t be held up by trivialities like a disorganized warehouse. Especially not when the solution to this problem is easily solved. Getting work done around your warehouse doesn’t need to feel like an immovable boulder; all you need is better warehouse organization. Here are our secret tips for getting your warehouse organized.

The Problem: You don’t have the right kind of storage.

Eight Opening Uniform Exchange Locker

Uniform Exchange Locker


Let’s go back to our boulder analogy. Once you get the boulder up the hill, you need somewhere to put it. Except when you go to put it away you find all your storage is square- or rectangle-shaped, and the boulder is a circle. No matter how much you turn it, it’ll never fit in the storage you have. The Secret Solution: You need the right kind of storage. Does your warehouse have a variety of bin cabinet storage for small parts storage?  Does it have uniform exchange lockers for your employees? Do your hazardous materials have their own separate space, like flammable liquid cabinets?

tall flammable liquids cabinet

Flammable Liquids Cabinet

All of your equipment, tools, and materials need a dedicated space. Specific storage ensures they will be easy to find when you need them while keeping them out of the way of your other items.

The Problem: You don’t enough storage.

Jumbo Storage Cabinets

Jumbo Storage Cabinets

So you’ve brought your boulder to the top of the hill. And you’ve put it in the right-sized storage container. But what about the next boulder? All those boulders need to be put away too, or else you’ll just end up cluttering the place. The Secret Solution: Get more storage space than you think you need. Over time, it’s highly likely your warehouse will need more space than you previously anticipated. So the only logical course of action is to make sure you have enough space to support a surplus of materials, equipment, etc. After all, growth is good for a business. In the inevitable case that you end up running out of space in your usual storage spot, you’ll have plenty of backup storage to cover it, which will lead to better warehouse efficiency. You can partly solve this by going with larger storage items, such as jumbo cabinets.

Solving Warehouse Organization

You and your employees may be the most productive workers on the planet, but even that might not be enough to get all your work done. With warehouse organization being such a pervasive issue, it’s a problem that needs solving right now. Ask yourself the following questions: Does your warehouse have the right storage it needs to succeed? Does it have enough storage capacity to support a surplus or excess? Only by following these principles can you prepare your warehouse for the challenges ahead and then overcome them with ease.

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